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Rainbow Chocolate Chip Muffins

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Muffins

EASY AND FUN-FILLED RECIPE OF RAINBOW CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS: Rainbow chocolate chip muffins are loved by all age groups.  These rainbow chocolate chip muffins are bakery styled and very quick to bake. Even your kids will love to bake them along with you as they are easy and fun filled. Kids love to have them in their school lunch box. These can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. So let’s start Muff’in […]

How to make a yummy Rainbow Cake, jhat pat baking for kids

Yummy Rainbow Cake

Ingredients for rainbow cake: Rainbow cake is very easy to make. Its highly recommended for tea time and for kids lunch box. Kids who are picky eaters get attracted to the colorful layers. Its not must to add the colors, you can make a mono colored cake aswel. So lets start with the jhaat pat recipe of baking rainbow cake Flour- 1 ¼ Cup Eggs- 2 Large Caster Sugar- 1 Cup Baking Powder- 1 ¼ […]