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Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup with sauces

Chicken Corn Soup Hot Corn Soup is one of the most popular appetizer around the world. During winter season people love to have it. Though some like us, who are crazy for soups, enjoy soup throughout the year 🙂 Chicken soup has acquired the reputation of home remedy for colds, influenza and bronchitis. In many countries chicken corn soup is considered as a comfort food. A study determined that prolonged cooking of a bone in soup […]

A Letter to my to be born baby

future Baby

To my beloved baby My sweetheart, my baby, Soon you’re going to be in my arms yet I decided to write you a letter. As I’m typing this letter I’m smiling with joy and tears. Tears of happiness, tears of fear, bewilderment. Yaay! Any day you’ll be here; Oh! Will I be a good mother; Wow! I’m really going to be a mamma. These past nine months I have gone through almost every feeling and […]

Alu Palak Sabzi (Spinach and Potato dry version)

  Spinach Potato aka Alu palak sabzi Alu Palak is an easy to cook, simple and classic dish made with finely chopped Spinach and diced potatoes. It can be eaten with Chappati or Boiled rice.  This dish is very nutritious and rich in Iron. It should be consumed atleast thrice a month. Let’s start with the quick recipe. Ingredients: Spinach ( Palak )- 1 KG Potatoes- 3-4 medium sized cut into cubes Tomatoes- 2 Onions- […]

How to make a yummy Rainbow Cake, jhat pat baking for kids

Yummy Rainbow Cake

Ingredients for rainbow cake: Rainbow cake is very easy to make. Its highly recommended for tea time and for kids lunch box. Kids who are picky eaters get attracted to the colorful layers. Its not must to add the colors, you can make a mono colored cake aswel. So lets start with the jhaat pat recipe of baking rainbow cake Flour- 1 ¼ Cup Eggs- 2 Large Caster Sugar- 1 Cup Baking Powder- 1 ¼ […]

How Walder Frey will return in next season 7 GOT aka Game of Thrones.


Walder Frey back from the Dead   Winter is here and Game of Thrones is about to start. We are hearing rumors that Walder Frey  is coming back from the dead. Game of Thrones maintaining is customs to bring people back from dead in every season, and again in season 7 Walder Frey will be coming back. All fans of thrones are curious how will this happen. So guys have patience I will explain the […]

Questioning is the key to get wisdom

Develop a habit of questioning and that will make you wiser. Questioning is a very important part of life. In order to learn one needs to question. As questioning is an art. You may say its a skill that everyone must learn to succeed in life.   Why do people question: Because they Are curious and curiosity leads to questioning. Want to know about something Trying to learn some thing Want some information Are trying […]

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