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Recipe for Gobi ki Tarkari aka Cauliflower dry curry

Recipie for Cauliflower dry curry

  Cauliflower dry curry Gobi ki tarkari (Cauliflower dry curry) is a very famous dish in Indo-Pak. It can be cooked in variety of styles. It is highly nutritious and very healthy. When I was a kid I never liked cauliflower, but there was one tarkari that my nano-maternal grandmother used to make which I loved it. It was this recipe of hers that made me love cauliflower. This dish is simple, easy to make […]

Delicious recipe for Chili Chicken Gravy Style

Recipe Chili Chicken

Chili Chicken Recipe: To day we introduce recipe for Chili Chicken a popular Indo-Chinese dish. It is cooked mainly with boneless chicken but some people use chicken with bones aswel. Chicken can also be alternated with beef. It is best served with any sort of fried rice; chicken fried rice, vegetable fried rice or egg fried rice. The following recipe of Chili Chicken is very easy to cook. So let’s start with the recipe. INGREDIENTS […]

Quick Recipe Chicken Chow Mein for Kids

Recipe Chiken Chowmein

Chow Mein are stir fried noodles. It can be cooked in different variations according to one’s taste. Chow mein is a much loved dish among kids and adults. It is popular among different parts of the world like China, Britain, United States, Pakistan, India, etc. As we all know kids are picky eaters especially when it comes to vegetables. So here is an easy recipe of chicken chow mein. Now your kids won’t separate the […]

How to achieve Quality in Service

Quality Management

Quality in Service : Aspect of Quality Management Providing Quality in service sector is an important aspect of quality management. Today service providing Industry is facing various challenges and issue in providing Quality of service. Providing Quality in service needs a lot of effort and investment by today’s industry. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with quality of services because technology is changing rapidly. Due to high involvement of IT in Businesses, the methods of […]

Book Review : Rich Dad Poor Dad become Entrepreneur

How to become Entrepreneur

How to Become Entrepreneur   This Review is about how you can train your self to become an entrepreneur. The first thing to be learned is to create awareness of how one should manage his financial life and groom ones knowledge on financial subjects. Today I do know the definition of different accounting terms like assets, liabilities and expenses but I have learned the importance of using these terms in one’s life. An interesting definition […]

Chargah Nathiagali a special Roast recipe

  Get Ready to have the famous roast recipe Chargah Nathiagali Chargah [ Roast in English ] is a very famous and much loved dish. People usually go to restaurants to eat Chargah. We decided to bring Chargah Nathiagali for you all. You will need a large pot to easily cook the whole chicken for the given recipe. This recipe requires marination of whole chicken in curd and spices. This roast is so delicious that […]

Why Will Shahrukh Khan come back in Raees 2

Will Raees 2 Release

Will Shahrukh Khan be coming back in Raees 2 The ongoing block buster movie Raees, where Shahrukh khan is killed by Nawaz ud din. Will this be the end of the story? Will it result in making Shahrukh Khan movie a block buster or just a flop. As hero dying in the end is an old formula now. Will it have a sequel? Lets see to score a record there are two separate speculation that […]

Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup with sauces

Chicken Corn Soup Hot Corn Soup is one of the most popular appetizer around the world. During winter season people love to have it. Though some like us, who are crazy for soups, enjoy soup throughout the year 🙂 Chicken soup has acquired the reputation of home remedy for colds, influenza and bronchitis. In many countries chicken corn soup is considered as a comfort food. A study determined that prolonged cooking of a bone in soup […]

A Letter to my to be born baby

future Baby

To my beloved baby My sweetheart, my baby, Soon you’re going to be in my arms yet I decided to write you a letter. As I’m typing this letter I’m smiling with joy and tears. Tears of happiness, tears of fear, bewilderment. Yaay! Any day you’ll be here; Oh! Will I be a good mother; Wow! I’m really going to be a mamma. These past nine months I have gone through almost every feeling and […]

Alu Palak Sabzi (Spinach and Potato dry version)

  Spinach Potato aka Alu palak sabzi Alu Palak is an easy to cook, simple and classic dish made with finely chopped Spinach and diced potatoes. It can be eaten with Chappati or Boiled rice.  This dish is very nutritious and rich in Iron. It should be consumed atleast thrice a month. Let’s start with the quick recipe. Ingredients: Spinach ( Palak )- 1 KG Potatoes- 3-4 medium sized cut into cubes Tomatoes- 2 Onions- […]

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