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Why Will Shahrukh Khan come back in Raees 2

Will Raees 2 Release

Will Shahrukh Khan be coming back in Raees 2 The ongoing block buster movie Raees, where Shahrukh khan is killed by Nawaz ud din. Will this be the end of the story? Will it result in making Shahrukh Khan movie a block buster or just a flop. As hero dying in the end is an old formula now. Will it have a sequel? Lets see to score a record there are two separate speculation that […]

How Walder Frey will return in next season 7 GOT aka Game of Thrones.


Walder Frey back from the Dead   Winter is here and Game of Thrones is about to start. We are hearing rumors that Walder Frey¬† is coming back from the dead. Game of Thrones maintaining is customs to bring people back from dead in every season, and again in season 7 Walder Frey will be coming back. All fans of thrones are curious how will this happen. So guys have patience I will explain the […]