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How to fulfill your desires you are destined for by Alchemist

desires to full fill by Alchemist

Lessons Learned by book Alchemist How to fulfill your desires you are destined for: This book is about what a person desires to become in his life and that one should fulfill all those desires that he/she is destined for. The story starts with a boy named Santiago, who wishes for a better life; a life different from what his forefathers have led. In order to fulfill his desires, Santiago goes on a pursuit where […]

Recipe Round-Up; St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patricks Day: Recipe Round-Up

  Recipe Round-Up: St. Patrick’s Day Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17th March by Christians. Saint Patrick’s Day is an official feast day. Although I don’t celebrate this day but I have collaborated with 15 amazing food bloggers from around the world to present delicious and easy to make dishes. This is a recipe round-up. We have all sorts of varieties for you […]

How to achieve Quality in Service

Quality Management

Quality in Service : Aspect of Quality Management Providing Quality in service sector is an important aspect of quality management. Today service providing Industry is facing various challenges and issue in providing Quality of service. Providing Quality in service needs a lot of effort and investment by today’s industry. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with quality of services because technology is changing rapidly. Due to high involvement of IT in Businesses, the methods of […]

Book Review : Rich Dad Poor Dad become Entrepreneur

How to become Entrepreneur

How to Become Entrepreneur   This Review is about how you can train your self to become an entrepreneur. The first thing to be learned is to create awareness of how one should manage his financial life and groom ones knowledge on financial subjects. Today I do know the definition of different accounting terms like assets, liabilities and expenses but I have learned the importance of using these terms in one’s life. An interesting definition […]

Why Will Shahrukh Khan come back in Raees 2

Will Raees 2 Release

Will Shahrukh Khan be coming back in Raees 2 The ongoing block buster movie Raees, where Shahrukh khan is killed by Nawaz ud din. Will this be the end of the story? Will it result in making Shahrukh Khan movie a block buster or just a flop. As hero dying in the end is an old formula now. Will it have a sequel? Lets see to score a record there are two separate speculation that […]

How Walder Frey will return in next season 7 GOT aka Game of Thrones.


Walder Frey back from the Dead   Winter is here and Game of Thrones is about to start. We are hearing rumors that Walder Frey  is coming back from the dead. Game of Thrones maintaining is customs to bring people back from dead in every season, and again in season 7 Walder Frey will be coming back. All fans of thrones are curious how will this happen. So guys have patience I will explain the […]

Questioning is the key to get wisdom

Develop a habit of questioning and that will make you wiser. Questioning is a very important part of life. In order to learn one needs to question. As questioning is an art. You may say its a skill that everyone must learn to succeed in life.   Why do people question: Because they Are curious and curiosity leads to questioning. Want to know about something Trying to learn some thing Want some information Are trying […]