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Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich



Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
                               Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich


Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich is perfect for all chocolate lovers. This recipe makes the perfect gooey and oozing cheese and Nutella sandwiches. A favorite among both children and adults. It can be combined with fruits for additional taste and nutritional value. Perfect for tiffin, snack and breakfast.


Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich


Preparation time: 5 minutes
Assembling Time: 5 minutes
Grilling Time: 4 to 6 minutes
Course: Tiffin, Snack, Breakfast
Serves: 3


ITEMS                                    QUANTITY

Bread                      6 Slices or as many required

Nutella                                   ½ to 1 Cup

Cheddar Cheese                    1 Cup

Butter                                    4 Tablespoons

Fresh Fruits (Optional)      as required



Heat grill pan on medium flame. Once hot reduce the flame to low.

Shred the cheese and set aside.

Keep Nutella in fridge for some time so that it’s not melted or runny.

Chop any seasonal fruits you like. I love strawberries with Nutella.


Apply light butter on the outer sides of the slices for better grilling.

Put some handful of shredded cheese on one side.

On the other side apply thick layer of Nutella.

Place chopped fruits on top of cheese and close the sandwich.

Place on grill pan.

Keep pressing the sandwich to apply some pressure on it.

When one side is done flip the sandwich and grill the other side aswel.

Cut into half and serve hot.

You can garnish them with melted Nutella, chocolate syrup, fresh fruits, whipped cream or even with a scoop of icecream.


Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Butter applied on outer sides
Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Cheese and strawberries
Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Thick layer of Nutella
Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Ready to be Grilled
Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich Ready


Butter is applied to give the grill sandwiches a good golden color and crispiness.

You can mix any sort of cheese with the combination of cheddar.

Strawberries, bananas, kiwi and pineapple will go well in such sandwiches. I preferred Nutella and strawberries.

Maybe you can even add some chopped nuts if you prefer.

Also its best if you have bread loaf. If so then cut around 1 centimeter in thickness.

I asked you to place Nutella in fridge because then its easier to apply the thick layer that can ooze out with cheese after grilling.

Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich
Cheese and Nutella Oozing out

26 comments on Nutella Grill Cheese Sandwich

  1. A new and innovative sandwich recipe It definitely seems to be delicious. Will be trying it soon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. This makes me sound so stupid, but I honestly never thought that unhealthy grilled sandwiches were a thing! This looks delicious though. I must try it at some point! *insert heart eye emoji here*

  3. The title intrigued me. And OMG! It actually has cheese in it. lol I have to admit as a kid I LOVED chocolate and cheese together, so a chocolate and cheese sandwich is a no brainer. Way to think outside the box. 😉

  4. Dr.howandwhy first of all i love the name of this website i tried this sandwich today when my parents came over they loved it thank you

  5. Wow. I tried this recipe at home. At first I was skeptical about the flavour as i thought nutella and cheese and strawberries wouldn’t make a good combination.
    This turned out to be soooo aaaaaahhhmazinggggg… I was literally drooling over it.
    It was an instant hit amongst my family and we were fighting over who would get the last sandwich :p

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