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Recipe Round-up: 11 amazing recipes for National poultry Day


11 Amzaing Recipes For National Poultry Day from Around The World:


National Poultry Day round-up


National Poultry day is celebrated on 19th March in USA and some other parts of the world.
I’m very late to share my round-up this time because of some health issues at home, but nonetheless  this round-up: Poultry is a king whatever the day is or place is. Poultry remains the winner when it comes to cooking, so it is still a win-win situation for every one whether you celebrate it or not 🙂
I have teamed up with 10 super talented food bloggers from around the world and listed 11 amazing recipes to be made with poultry.
You can enjoy these recipes at any course meals through-out the year.
So lets start looking 😉

11 Selected Recipes from different Food Bloggers:

1:Balsamic Orange Chicken with Basil by OvenStruck

Balsamic Orange Chicken


2:Chargah Nathiagali – Easy Roast Recipe by Dr. How & Why

Chargah Nathiagali


3:One-Pan Baked Chicken with Bacon Glazed Asparagus by The Accidental Mrs

One-Pan Baked Chicken with Bacon Glazed Asparagus


4:Slow Cooker Roasted Game Hen by Almost Kosher

Slow Cooker Roasted Game Hen


5:Thai Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice by Our Food Fix

Thai Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice


6:White Lasagna Chicken Soup by The Messy Little Kitchen

White Lasgna Chicken Soup


7:Poultry Burger with Homemade Chips by The Good, The Bad and The Poopy

Poultry Burger with Homemade Chips


8:Herb Roasted Chicken by Leshe Style

Herb Roasted Chicken


9:Florentine Stuffed Chicken by Laurence Makano

Florentine Stuffed Chicken

10:Handmade Chicken Gyoza Dumplings by Carla Crudup

Handmade Chicken Gyoza Dumplings


11:Chicken Chickpea Salad by Karyl’s Kulinary Krusade

Chicken Chickpea Salad


I hope you enjoyed looking and will try these recipes as much as we did in compiling for you all. Please click on the names to see the full recipes and spread the love to all the amazing bloggers who have put in their efforts for you all.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies, my friends at Foodiy Bloggerhood. You all are amazing and very talented.

Please tell me in comments below which one is your favorite pick from the round up 🙂






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  1. Oh no. I like my poultry alive and clucking in the fields. There are a lot of rescue chickens who live in the field behind me. If you must eat chicken, please ensure you only buy free range chicken meat.

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