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How to fulfill your desires you are destined for by Alchemist

Lessons Learned by book Alchemist

desires to full fill by Alchemist
How to fulfill desires by Alchemist

How to fulfill your desires you are destined for:

This book is about what a person desires to become in his life and that one should fulfill all those desires that he/she is destined for. The story starts with a boy named Santiago, who wishes for a better life; a life different from what his forefathers have led. In order to fulfill his desires, Santiago goes on a pursuit where he has to overcome his fears of life; fears that control one’s life and become a hurdle in achieving what a man desires to become. The book teaches us that one can only achieve his/her dreams by overcoming his/her fears.

The most important thing described in this book is that one has to educate himself, and keep on learning from this world to overcome the hurdles and his worldly fears. Santiago starts his life as a Shepherd but has a will to learn something new throughout the story. He also had a dream to become rich and get married to a beautiful girl; a dream that is a very common desire of every person.

Need of a Mentor:

One dreams and needs someone to tell them that their dream can come true. We all need mentors, just like Santiago meets the King Salem who helps him realize that he needs to carry on his journey to pursue his dream of treasure hunt. During Santiago’s journey there were many times he gets disheartened and wants to go back to work as a shepherd.

Whenever he felt low, he told from himself that during his pursuit he had learned so much that even if he loses something he should not get disheartened as in the end he had gained a lot of wisdom throughout his journey. He always gained knowledge despite of getting robbed and then start over all again with crystal glass merchant. He learned the art of sales and knowledge about crystals while working with the crystal glass merchant. Santiago always had the will to do something new, and in the process got closer to achieving what he was destined to achieve.

Work hard and never lose hope:

Santiago had to work hard to earn enough money to fulfill his desire of finding treasure instead of going back home. Lesson learned from this part of story was that in order to achieve one’s desires, one has to work hard to be successful.

Normally a person starts his life with dreaming about something; like Santiago dreamt about finding treasure. Often, as the time passes by a person forgets his desires. He finds satisfaction in what he is working on, and compromises with his desires for all he had earned. Santiago earned enough money while working with merchant but then he heard the merchant’s story that the merchant wanted to go for pilgrimage but could not go and was happy with what he had earned; he had lost his desire for pilgrimage.

Santiago decided that he would not abandon his desire and would continue his hunt for treasure. At this point of story we learn that if one is determined enough, the entire universe will help him to achieve his desire. Just like Santiago got further help from an Englishman who wanted to become an Alchemist. He helped Santiago to cross the desert. Santiago kept on learning and gaining knowledge about traveling in desert and it was a long journey where could have gotten disheartened again.

Build a determined Personality:

The story portraits the character of Santiago as a determined person. A person should carry on with his journey despite of good and bad things that happen to him. Similarly he found the love of his life on a stay at Oasis and gets respect by the Chief of Oasis. Here again Santiago had a chance to stop his journey and stay happy with his love and respect. Santiago again got help from the Alchemist he met at the Oasis. The alchemist helps him in realizing that he was feeling happy at the moment with his achievements but later if does not pursue his desire he had a high chance of being dissatisfied with what he had. Santiago continued his journey across the desert and finally reached his destination at pyramids.

The most important lesson to be learned here is that he again loses his valuables even after reaching this end. He got a blessing in disguise when one robber told him about the treasure hidden in his own place where he came from i.e Andalusia. That was possible because he was determined to fulfill his desires. Santiago didn’t stop there and went back to his place where he actually found the treasure.


The moral of the story is that one should never lose hope and be determined to fulfill his/her desires. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. One should not get disheartened and forget his/her dream instead, one should keep working hard to reach one’s destiny.







7 comments on How to fulfill your desires you are destined for by Alchemist

  1. I have ready the book and I must say is a very inspiring book. Everyone has desires in life that he/she should fulfill no matter what happens to try to divert them.

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