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Quick Recipe for Custard Toasts

Custard Toasts
Custard Toasts

Recipe for Custard Toast

Custard Toast is a twist given to very famous and classic breakfast / snack dish, French toasts. French toast is made with egg, milk and sugar. In this recipe we have changed egg with custard powder. You can also call them egg-less French toasts. These are perfect for breakfast, snacks or even kids school lunch box. Custard French toasts can be served with fruits, butter or maple syrup along with milk, tea or coffee. Trust me they tastes equally good. So let’s start our recipe.

Preparation time:5 mins
Cooking time:10 mins
Serves:2 to 3
Course:Breakfast, Snack



Bread 3 to 4 slices
Custard Powder 2 tablespoons
Luke warm milk ½ cup / 125 ML
Sugar 2 table spoons or as to taste
Vanilla essence 2-3 drops
Butter / Oil / Ghee as required to fry
For Garnish Any fruits or Maple syrup



Take a shallow dish and mix custard powder and sugar.

Warm milk very slightly so that no lumps are formed when mixed with dry ingredients.

If you prefer you can cut the corners of slices. I prefer bread with corners.


Mix dry ingredients; custard powder and sugar with luke warm milk.

Now add vanilla essence and mix well.

Heat a well-seasoned pan and reduce the heat to low flame.

Dip the slice and put it in pan carefully.

Toast / fry the slice until golden from one side then flip and toast/ fry the other side.

Fry till golden and crispy or fry till golden and soft / moist as per your tastes.

Keep mixing the mixture before dipping a slice because the custard powder settles at the bottom.

Serve hot garnished with butter, fruits or maple syrup.


Any sort of bread can be used in this recipe; whole wheat, plain, bran, etc.

You can either use vanilla flavored custard or mango flavored custard.
Mango flavored custard tastes equally good.

You can easily double the quantity of this recipe.

Do not immerse slices for a long period into the mixture or else the slice will become too soggy and may break during the process of flipping in the pan.

You can use both salted or un-salted butter. Salted butter enhances the flavors.

Using fruits, butter or syrup for garnishing is not necessary. Also if you plan to garnish with maple syrup reduce sugar from ¼ tsp to 1/3 tsp as maple syrup is also sweet in taste.





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