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Quick Recipe for Pineapple Delight

Pineapple Delight
Pineapple Delight

Recipe For Pineapple Delight

Pineapple Delight is a very light dessert. It’s recipe is quick fix and needs very less ingredients. Pineapples are very juicy and rich in taste hence very popular to use in desserts. The nutritional value of pineapple is quiet high. They are excellent source of manganese and vitamin C. This dessert is loved by all age groups.


Pineapple chunks 1 Tin
Pineapple Syrup 1 Cup
Pack of Pineapple Jelly 1 packet
Cream 2 packs approximately 400 ML
Caster Sugar as to taste

Prepare pineapple jelly with the process written at the back of the pack.

Separate pineapple chunks and syrup.  Keep both aside.

If you have slices of pineapple rather than chunks, then cut the slices into small chunks/ cubes.


Once pineapple jelly is set, mash it very finely with a fork.

Beat cream lightly with a whisk.

Now mix pineapple jelly with cream.

Next slowly add pineapple syrup to the cream and jelly mixture and keep checking the consistency. Make the consistency neither too thick nor runny.

Once the desired consistency is reached, taste and add the caster sugar. Keep mixing so that no lumps are formed. Set sweetness according to your taste buds.

After that take a pyrex dish or any glass dish, preferable in rectangular shape.

Spread even layer of pineapple chunks at bottom.

Pour the prepared mixture of cream, pineapple jelly and syrup on top of pineapple chunks.

Garnish with whipped cream and pineapples.

Serve when chilled.


Rather than making a one dish you can prepare small shots style serving aswel for any party / gathering.

You can alternate pineapple chunks with mixed fruit chunks.

Another way is alternate pineapple jelly and pineapple chunks with strawberry jelly and strawberry chunks or Banana jelly and fresh banana slices.

Furthermore, nuts lover can also add finely chopped nuts in the mixture, but personally I don’t like this dessert nutty.

Most importantly, pregnant ladies should avoid eating pineapples due to the presence of an enzyme called bromelain.






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