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Strawberry Bread Tartlings

Strawberry Bread Tartlings
Strawberry Bread Tartlings

Recipe for Strawberry bread tartlings

Strawberry bread tartlings are light and perfect for dessert loved by kids and adults equally. They are a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors. In one bite you can taste all 4 flavors; crispy bread tart, fresh strawberries, sweet and creamy custard and sweet & sour syrup. You can also substitute bread tart with puff pastry, pie base or wheat biscuits mixed with butter base.


20 minutes


10 minutes


5-10 minutes


Bread Slices 6
Strawberry custard 1 ½  cups
Fresh Strawberries ½ kg
Sugar 1 – 2 Table spoons
Butter 1 ½ Table spoons
Water ¾ cup
For Garnish Strawberry, whipped cream or mint leaves



Pre-heat oven to 190 °F.

Cut the corners of the slice and roll it slightly with rolling pin.

Spread very little butter on top side and place them in cupcake tray. Make sure the cupcake tray is greased with butter to prevent sticking.

Bake for 5 to 6 minutes or until you see the bread turning crisp and golden from outside, then reduce the heat to 160 °F and grill for another 3 to 4 minutes.

Cool the tarts, take out gently and place on serving plate.


Slice the strawberries very finely and set aside.

Make thick strawberry custard so that it sets easily. Chill the custard before assembling.


On a low flame boil 5 strawberries in ¾ cup of water until tender. Then add 1 ½ to 2 table spoons of sugar depending upon the sourness and sweetness of strawberries. The syrup should be both sweet and sour in taste.

Keep pressing the strawberries to make thick but pourable type consistency.

Chill the sauce aswel.


Cover the base and sides of the bread tart with strawberries.
Pour thick chill strawberry custard on top of strawberries.
Then pour strawberry syrup on top of the custard.
Garnish with strawberry, whipped cream or mint leaves.
It’s best to serve them immediately because once in the fridge the tarts don’t remain crispy and turns soft.


You can blend the strawberry syrup and add gelatin in it to make jelly.
Also you can finely slice some bananas and serve along with it; bananas and strawberries taste great together.

Happy Tarting 🙂


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