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Quick Recipe Chicken Chow Mein for Kids

Chicken Chow mein for kids
Chicken Chow mein for kids

Chow Mein are stir fried noodles. It can be cooked in different variations according to one’s taste. Chow mein is a much loved dish among kids and adults. It is popular among different parts of the world like China, Britain, United States, Pakistan, India, etc. As we all know kids are picky eaters especially when it comes to vegetables. So here is an easy recipe of chicken chow mein. Now your kids won’t separate the noodles and vegetables. This is perfect for any meal time; school tiffin, lunch, snack or dinner.

Lets start!

INGREDIENTS for Chow Mein:

  ITEMS                                       QUANTITY

Noodles                                      ½ Packet

Chicken                              2-3 pcs finely diced

Carrot                             1- 1½ pieces finely diced

Peas                                            ¼ to ½ cup

Capsicum                      ½ medium sized (cut into thin Slices)

Onion                             1 medium sized finely diced

Potato                                1 small finely diced

Chicken stock/ broth                   1 cup

Corn flour                               2 table spoons

Table salt                                   ¾ tea spoon

Sugar                                          ½ tea spoon

Soya sauce                              2 table spoons

Oil                                                  1/3 cup

You can also add other vegetables according to the nutritional values and tastes of your children like Cabbage, French Beans, Turnip, Bean sprout, potatoes, etc.
I have added 1 small sized potato very finely diced in my recipe, keeping in mind potatoes aren’t part of chow mein’s ingredients.


Remove chicken meat from bones and cut into very fine cubes.

Boil the bones in 3 cups of water till 1 cup of broth/ stock is prepared. (you can use readymade chicken stock cubes aswel but I prefer making one at home because of nutritional value. Also keeping in mind that if using stock cubes reduce the quantity of salt as it’s also added in the cubes.)

All vegetables to be cut in to very fine cubes except capsicum so that if needed they can be separated out easily.

I prefer boiling carrots and peas a little before frying so that its really easy for kids to chew.

Boil about 12 to 18 cups of water with table salt. When the water boils add noodles and cook till they are tender and strain them.

Make a paste of corn flour powder with water.

Chow mein for kids
Finely chopped Vegetables
Chow mein for kids
Corn flour paste and chicken stock


Heat oil and add chicken cubes, fry them. Then add onions, potatoes, capsicum, one after another frying each before adding the other. Then add boiled carrots and peas. Fry a little and add sugar. Sugar is added so that the color of vegetables is maintained.

Then add salt and soya sauce. Cook for 2 minutes.

Then add stock and corn flour paste. Cook for another 3 minutes.

Now add the noodles. Mix well and serve hot.


While boiling noodles add some oil in water. In this way the noodles won’t stick together later.

You can also run cold water in noodles after straining to prevent them from sticking to each other and forming lumps.

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    1. Dear Marie,
      Yes you should. Infact you can add some cabbage and green chilies to the recipe if you re making for yourself.

  1. It is a nice n easy to make recipe dear ….. I made it for my grand daughters and they loved it & asking to make It again 😉

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