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How to achieve Quality in Service

Quality Management
                      Quality of Service

Quality in Service : Aspect of Quality Management

Providing Quality in service sector is an important aspect of quality management. Today service providing Industry is facing various challenges and issue in providing Quality of service. Providing Quality in service needs a lot of effort and investment by today’s industry. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with quality of services because technology is changing rapidly. Due to high involvement of IT in Businesses, the methods of providing services are also changing. As a result organization can only keep up the competitive edge in industry by keeping itself updated with the upcoming technology.


A special issue regarding today’s concept of quality in service is Innovation. Today customers want innovation in how service is being provided to them. As the business that provides innovation wins most customers in today’s competitive environment.

Major problem faced by majority organizations is lack of culture for innovation. In order to overcome this lack Employees need to be trained and motivated for innovation. Innovation is a Team effort to visualize the customer needs and meet customer expectations.

Organizing Work Force

Organization of Work Force is the most important element in providing quality of service. As today businesses are moving at fast pace and migrating towards internet. Organizations are now focused on trained IT resources and technology oriented work flow processes to develop a better organized work force. In order to achieve this companies need have internet based services that require customer support departments, call center setups and 24 hour online support to customers. Therefore sufficient amount of work force needs to be trained and educated for provision of quality in services.

Accuracy of data

Accuracy of data is also an important element to achieve Quality in services. For this purpose all multi-nationals need to manage large amount of data. The Data under management may include variety of services to customers whether they are health care services, transportation services or security services etc. To achieve accuracy in managing data one needs to learn application of statistical tools. Companies need to adopt tools like six sigma, Kim and Larsen’s proposal. Companies need to train employees for these tools as this will help a company in gaining competitive advantage thorough proper implementation and use of statistical methods.

Customer Perception

An important issue being studied these days is Customer’s perception of getting quality in service. Therefore all companies are dealing with diverse customer perceptions because customers are now educated via information technology forums and social media.

Different customers have different perceptions that may vary based on customer’s country, region, state, religion, ethnicity etc. To perceive customer’s perception an organization needs to monitor, evaluate and log customer perception and design services.

The variation in customer perception leads to the design of customized services for the customers. To achieve competitive edge one needs to offer customized services. Provision of customized services helps in gaining or retaining more customers. This is the feature which shows that organization cares for its customers and wants to retain its customers by fulfilling their needs.


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