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Chargah Nathiagali a special Roast recipe

Chargah NathiaGali
Chargah Nathiagali served with Raita and  Salad


Get Ready to have the famous roast recipe Chargah Nathiagali

Chargah [ Roast in English ] is a very famous and much loved dish. People usually go to restaurants to eat Chargah. We decided to bring Chargah Nathiagali for you all. You will need a large pot to easily cook the whole chicken for the given recipe. This recipe requires marination of whole chicken in curd and spices. This roast is so delicious that it is loved by all whether kids, teens or elder people. Chargah can be enjoyed with raita [i.e flavored curd in English] or green sauce.

Preparation : 10 mins
Marination  : 3 hrs – overnight
Cooking     : Around 30 mins
Course      : Main
Serves      : 6
Cuisine     : Pakistani-Indian

Lets look at the ingredients and method.


   ITEMS                                 QUANTITY

Chicken (whole)                     1 ½ KG

Coriander (whole)                  3 Table spoon

Red Chillies (whole)               12-15 pcs

White Cumin Seeds               1 Tea spoon

Turmeric Powder                   ¼ Tea spoon

All Spices                                1 Tea spoon

Curd                                       ¾ Cup

Salt                                         1 ½ Tea spoon

White Cardamom Powder     ½ Tea spoon

Ginger                                     1 Tea spoon

Garlic                                       1 Tea spoon

Ghee (Melted)                          ½ Cup

Pure Ghee (Melted)                 ½ Cup



First Roast whole coriander and whole red chillies. Then add white cumin seeds and roast again.

Next step is you have to grind the mixture. You need to make sure that it’ not converted into powered form.


Take roasted and grinded mixture and add curd in it. Mix well. Then mix melted ghee in it.

Take whole chicken and marinate it with all the prepared mixture. In order to achieve better marination you need to cover the whole chicken.

Prick full chicken with fork.

Set aside chicken for 2-3 hours.

Then take a large pot and put marinated chicken on low flame.

After some time turn the side of chicken.

Finally you will have to cook it until meat is tender and fully cooked.

Dish out and serve with Raita, Salad and naan.



In order to maintain the shape of the whole  chicken take both legs and tie them with a rubber band.

Chargah Nathiagali (Roast)
Chargah Nathiagali (Roast)



32 comments on Chargah Nathiagali a special Roast recipe

  1. Two words… Just WoW!!!
    My mother made this on my birthday yesterday and it was gone in seconds
    She made only one chargha bevause it was a new recipe and we were all fighting for second helpings
    Khush rahen… aisi mazedaar recipes share kartay rahen aap log aur hum se duaain lein 😃
    God Bless

    1. I love roasted chicken, but this is an amazing recipe. I have eaten my fingers with the chicken. Thanx for this wonderful recipe.

    1. Great.
      nice idea. Personally i havn’t baked but maybe you can try wrapping it in foil and bake.
      Do share if its a success. 🙂
      Good luck!

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