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Why Will Shahrukh Khan come back in Raees 2

Will Raees 2 Release
Part 2 of Raees

Will Shahrukh Khan be coming back in Raees 2

The ongoing block buster movie Raees, where Shahrukh khan is killed by Nawaz ud din.
Will this be the end of the story? Will it result in making Shahrukh Khan movie a block buster or just a flop. As hero dying in the end is an old formula now. Will it have a sequel?
Lets see to score a record there are two separate speculation that there will be a second part of Raees, Raees 2.

First possible Leak of Raees Part2

Where it is shown that Shahrukh khan who falls on the ground when hit by bullets, actually does not dies. Then comes in Sadiq ; Raees backup support,he picks him up and takes him away to a safe house. Shahrukh khan recovers and a new story begins. The new story will be about a new dawn of Messiah  who will come back to save his people and fight against the out-laws. Make a bigger empire then he had before, but the main objective will be to proof that he was murdered and not given justice. So Raees comes back and wants to fix the system.

Second possible Leak of Raees 2


As we saw in Last scenes Shahrukh khan dies but he will be coming back as Faizan, his son.
Faizan, who will grow up getting trained to lead his life on the principles of his father. Then Faizan will take the revenge of his father. Nawaz ud din who killed his father will be a super cop who has led his life with a grief and confusion that killing Raees was a mistake or not.

Faizan will be after him and joins police force to take away all the honor Nawaz ud din gained throughout his life. In the end Faizan will come to know that his father was sorry for his own mistakes by supporting the corrupt mafia, and his mistake took lives of many people. As Faizan realizes that he was thinking wrong but still he wants justice. He did not want his father to be known as someone who ran away, as Raees wanted to face the system and get justice.

So Faizan’s quest will be to show the world that his father was illegally murdered  by Nawaz ud din. He wanted to penalize him and all the story will go around this quest of Faizan.


So guys these are only speculation that may be there will be a sequel of this movie. As I felt that movie was too short leaving many loose ends.
So these loose ends call for another part now. Bollywood has started following the trend of releasing not 2 or 3 even 4 sequels in some cases [just like Dhoom and Krish].
So lets see if this is going to be real or not. And Shahrukh khan’s fans please do not get offended if you find my post as negative.
Its just a view point, no offense. Of-course any one would like to see Shahrukh Khan again on big screen. So wish him luck for the Raees 1.

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