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Chicken Corn Soup


Chicken Corn Soup

Hot Corn Soup is one of the most popular appetizer around the world. During winter season people love to have it. Though some like us, who are crazy for soups, enjoy soup throughout the year 🙂

Chicken soup has acquired the reputation of home remedy for colds, influenza and bronchitis. In many countries chicken corn soup is considered as a comfort food.

A study determined that prolonged cooking of a bone in soup increases the calcium content of the soup which is very beneficial for health.

The following recipe can be consumed easily by even a 1 year old as corns are blended and baby wont choke.

So lets go Soup’in 😉



       ITEMS                                   QUANTITY
  1. Chicken with bones             2-3 pieces
  2. Sweet Corns                             1 Cup
  3. Egg                                                 1
  4. Corn Flour                                 1 Cup
  5. Chinese Salt                         2 tea spoons
  6. Ordinary Salt                         1 tea spoon
  7. Black Pepper                         As to taste
  8. Butter                                 2 table spoons


  • Make Stock from Chicken Pieces in around 24 cups of water. Keep boiling until 15 cups is left.
  • Separate the chicken pieces from stock.
  • Separate meat from bones and shred it finely.
  • Blend the sweet corn in a blender with one cup of water. Please Note that blending the sweetcorn is not compulsory.
  • Lightly beat one egg and keep aside.
  • Make a paste of corn flour with one cup of water.


In a large pot mix the chicken stock, blended sweet corns, shredded chicken, Chinese salt, salt and black pepper powder. Cook for 7 to 9 minutes. Just before serving, boil the mixture again and when boiling lower the flame. Add butter to the soup. Now on a steady speed pour the corn flour paste in the soup. Keep stirring continuously. Cook for another 5 minutes, till the soup thickens and attains a smooth consistency. Now add the lightly beaten egg in the soup and stir briskly.

Serve hot with Chilie sauce, soya sauce and vinegar. It can also be served with buttered slices or garlic bread/sticks.

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