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A Letter to my to be born baby

To my beloved baby

My sweetheart, my baby, Soon you’re going to be in my arms yet I decided to write you a letter. As I’m typing this letter I’m smiling with joy and tears. Tears of happiness, tears of fear, bewilderment. Yaay! Any day you’ll be here; Oh! Will I be a good mother; Wow! I’m really going to be a mamma.

These past nine months I have gone through almost every feeling and you my dear were always there to give me strength and courage.

I still remember the morning when I got positive on PTS. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I tested again before telling your father. That was the first time your father and I cried together.

From morning sickness to acid reflux, from cramps to kicking, from being short of breath to carpal tunnel, from sacrificing to sleep on tummy to being unable to even change the sides, I have experienced & cherished every feeling.

I remember seeing a bubble; the sonographer said that’s your baby and a tear rolled out. Hearing your tiny heartbeat made my heart melt and strong at the same time. The first time I felt you move I stopped my breath to feel you again. It made me realize the power of Almighty. You brought me closer to Him. I started believing in praying even more.

We already share a lovely bond. The way you move upon listening to my voice; when I place my hands on my tummy or you stop kicking when I request you; shows you love me too.

Hopefully yesterday was the last time we saw you on screen. I’m sure you’re anxious to meet us as well, because we could see you smiling. Oh! And yes you have a cute little nose just like mine.

I Love you despite your gender

We are still unaware of your gender. We just want you to come to us safely. I pray I’ll be able to be a great mother. This world is not an easy place to live in, but your father and I will always support and help you.

My wishes

I wish you lots of good health and bright future filled with faith, love and success. I promise to love you and look after you.

Can’t wait to take you in my arms and feel your warmth.

Forever yours,


52 comments on A Letter to my to be born baby

  1. Such a lovely an touchy letter it is ☺, every mother has same feeling which r expressed in this letter with such beautiful words☺. After reading this letter I feel like becoming mother once again😊😊

  2. Such a beautiful message <3 .. It touched my heart and sent me back to years back …the time when I was on my way to mother hood 🙂

    1. Dear Tasneem,
      I’m so happy that my words touched your heart and took you way back to the memory lane.
      Thank you for appreciating.

  3. Brought a tear to my eye. And a tickle to my ovaries 😉 InshaAllah i will be blessed by a pregnancy soon!! <3 mashaAllah great writing sis.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating sister Aisha.
      And yes, definately you will be blessed very soon.
      Will keep you in prayers.

  4. This is such an emotional and loving letter and I’m sure the baby will feel even more loved when it is old enough to read it.
    Hope you have safe and easy birth.

  5. This is such an emotional letter…it made me recall my time when i was expecting my son…feeling overwhelmed…may ur baby be blessed with the beat of this world and hereafter…Ameen

  6. ماشااللہ بہتھی خوب صورت تحریر جیتی رہو خوش رہو .ان خوب صورت لمحات کی یاد دلا دی جو ہر ماں کی زندگی میں آتے ہیں .

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      We were blessed with a beautiful daughter.
      I wrote this before she was born.
      Prayers for you too. Definitely you ll write 🙂
      God bless you.

  7. Awww that was so sweet! I remember my pregnancy, that s something beautiful, 2 souls in one bidy, but the best part is when you have your baby on hand for the very first time!

  8. Oh wow. What a lovely letter! Honestly, I’m not really into these ,,can’t wait to be mum” articles but this one is lovely… I can honestly read your feelings between the lines 🙂 Hope you’re soon going to be healthy and happy family of 3 🙂

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