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Questioning is the key to get wisdom

Develop a habit of questioning and that will make you wiser. Questioning is a very important part of life. In order to learn one needs to question. As questioning is an art. You may say its a skill that everyone must learn to succeed in life.


Why do people question:

  • Because they
    • Are curious and curiosity leads to questioning.
    • Want to know about something
    • Trying to learn some thing
    • Want some information
    • Are trying to investigate
    • desire answers
    • Want to mingle
    • Would like to engage someone


  • What do they achieve from questioning

    Collection :One gets Data to for any research, scientific research, social research, data-ware housing.In all research and development one needs to collect data by asking questions whether by interviews or  questionnaire.

    Education :Human by nature seeks answers. He is actually trying to get information, learn about world , life and other creatures in universe. This is actually educating yourself by questioning.

    Solutions to problem: In order to find a solutions to your problem , you need to sit and discuss problem with others. As in case of a conflict, it never ends by fighting. At the end you have to sit and discuss and resolve issue by questioning  both parties.

    Clarification of doubts: A person needs to question If one has doubts. One needs to ask questions to clear doubts.

    Solve mysteries: In order to solve mysteries on needs to self question. As it very important to clear one’s mind first.

    Proof of hypothesis : Based on answers one can support and proof its own hypothesis.

    Get People involved : Getting someone to answer your question means other person will get involved into your discussion.For example a teacher ask question from students and wants to get answers, so that students get involved in lectures.

    Get accepted by a community : When one person is able to get answers, that means, one can get accepted to a desired community by showing the zest and motivation to learn.

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